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Cross platform framework optimized for speed and performance. The powerful Angular architecture includes Components, Templates, Data Binding, Services and Dependency Injection.


Real Time Database, Analytics, Cloud Messaging, Hosting, Storage, Notifications and Authentication among other impressive features.


World's #1 mobile hybrid framework for building amazing apps. Ionic uses Cordova or Phonegap to deploy natively, or runs in the browser as a Progressive Web App.

Last Work: Tus Dividendos

Dividens Payment Info
Dividens Payment Info

Dividends payment of companies listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange. Check dividends sorted by date and company name. Updated information on Ibex35 and the Continuous Market.

Dividends Search Engine
Dividends Search Engine

Search for information on a company's dividend by name or ticker.

Dividens Calendar
Dividens Calendar

Find out which companies pay dividends in the current month or in the upcoming months. Look for information about the last trading date.